Freddie Mercury quotes
"Song-writing comes... The structure of the melody comes easy to me, it's the lyrical content that I find hard, cause I'm not a poet, I just like to write nice little catchy tunes that's basically what I like to do. In term of the lyrical content that's difficult. So I have to work on that part of it. The other side seems to come... it's easier for me to write a melody and a structure but in terms of the actual lyric I find that hard because I'm not a poet and I hate writing lyrics anyway. I wish somebody else could do it. I wish I had a Bernie Taupin. Mind you but I'm not like that, I like to do it all myself anyway. I'm a greedy bitch."
"Actually that's the part of my role. I have to win them over, otherwise it's not a successful gig. It's my job to make sure that I win them over and make them feel that they've had a good time. That's part of my role, that's part of my duty that I have to do. I mean this sort of cliche¨ of saying 'Oh, you have them eating out of the palm of your hand', I just feel that the quicker I do that the better, because I feel I can manipulate them or whatever, but it's all to do with me feeling in control and so then I know that it's all going well. Is this doing well ?"
"Yes, of course, I mean you know, in terms of Press and things, I'm a very hated person, but I hate the press as well. So that goes both ways, but to me I think I've learned to live with it. I'd be a liar to say I'm not hurt by criticism because I mean everybody is, you know, of course I want everybody to say I'm wonderful and they like my songs, but I mean I don't mind actually a sort of genuine well thought out criticism, but I mean of course you're going to get... just... people review our Albums without even listening to them and things like that, but I mean that's the way of the world and before I used to get really mad and start tearing my hair out but now I don't have anymore sleepless nights, so just I learned to live with it. Let them all come. "

Re: Innuendo

"I'm pleased with my vocals on this album. Innuendo is a word I often use in Scrabble. For Queen, it's a perfect title!" ...Freddie.


Re: Love

"Money can't buy you love, and the more money one makes, the more miserable one becomes. Money attracts all kinds of wrong people. I would not sacrifice my career if a partner wanted me to. It's my career that keeps me going. What else would I do? Dig weeds, get fat and be beautifully in love? No, I'd like to remain as successful as I am, write beautiful songs and be in love - not that it's worked up till now, though I'll keep on trying. I've cried rivers. I may be hard on the exterior, but I'm very soft-centred. I'm also a very possessive person. I can go to great lengths, trying to be loyal just to prove a point, but the moment I find someone has betrayed me; I go the other way. Betrayed, I'm a Ogre!" ...Freddie. (`84/85)...


"As much intellectual effort is needed to produce an album, as to produce a thesis. And as a career, it's as demanding as any science" ...Brian (74/75).


"If you go on stage, you might as well look good, it seems like a waste of time if you don't. If people have paid to see you, then they want a little bit extra - so you've got to go to some trouble, and I think people want to see us dressed in something other than what they can buy in the local high street" ...Roger (`74/75).


"Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those songs that has such a fantasy feel about it, that I think people should just listen to it, think about it, and then make up their own minds as to what it says to them" ...Freddie (`75/76).

"Bohemian Rhapsody didn't just come out of thin air. I did a bit or research, although it was tongue in cheek and it was a mock opera. Why not? - I certainly wasn't saying I was an opera fanatic and I knew everything about it" ...Freddie (`75).

"Bohemian Rhapsody is about the relationships between people" ...Freddie (75)


"When I look back on all the black nail varnish and stuff, I think `God, what did I do?' I used to feel a need for all that on stage. It made me feel more secure. But now I don't.... I've grown up a bit" ...Roger (74).

"I don't pretend to understand the workings of the Journalistic Mind" ...Roger (`74)


Re: Fame (Queen)

"Doing this job is just like being a housewife. Everyday I get up and I've got lots of chores to do. Really you know, it's not very spectacular" ...Freddie (`85)


Re: Love

"I can be a good lover, but I think after all these years, I'm not a very good partner for anybody. Maybe my love is dangerous, but who wants their love to be safe? I'm possessed by love - isn't everybody? Most of my songs are love ballads and things to do with sadness and torture and pain. I seem to write a lot of sad songs because I'm a very tragic person. But there is always an element of humour at the end. In terms of love, you're not in control and I hate that feeling" ...Freddie (85)


Re: Love and Fame (it doesn't always mix or go well together)

"I though it'd never happen to me. I thought I was a very stable person and not open to anything like that. But life changed, you know? - I kicked and screamed against it, but in the end you do change. You grow, the people you're with grow and sometimes you don't grow together. It actually screwed me up completely - For nearly a year - it wasn't all because of the press, but they don't help. Most of it, they made up anyway, but there's no point denying it because you just make it worse" ...Brian (`89)


Re: Retirement

"Queen is like a huge rolling machine, and we're not working all the time. I am a musician by profession, that's my whole life, and I didn't want to waste it in easy retirement" ...Roger (`90).

Re: Freddie and AIDS

"It was hard, but we were trying to support him through it. He was incredibly brave at that time. For the last 18 months of his life, he was hounded by the Press and he was really a prisoner inside his house" ...Roger

"The Freddie we knew wasn't wildly promiscuous or consumed by drugs. He had a responsible attitude to all people he was close to" ...Brian.

"As far as we are concerned that is it. There is no point carrying on. It is impossible to replace Freddie" John...




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